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David Maynard
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Default Re: Sytem does not boot when HD is connected to SATA PCI card.

ata wrote:

> Hi!
> I bought a sata combo pci card, but although it recognized the primary disk it
> did not want to boot the OS from the disk. :( So at the moment I have only the
> secondary disk working connected to the card, and the primary I had to switch
> back to IDE (I use an adapter to connect the IDE disk to the sata card).
> Why didn't the system (win xp) boot when the disk with the system was
> connected to the card?

Probably because your BIOS boot order isn't set to boot from it.

> My mobo is asus p2b-b with bx chipset. The card is probably compliant only
> with PCI 2.2, yet it seems to be working in pci 2.1 too (though I did not test
> everything yet), so perhaps asus enabled the optional 3.3 V in the PCI slots
> in this mb, or maybe this card does not need it? Anyway I don't think that it
> was the cause of the problem.
> I didn't reinstal the system though, after installing the sata card. Could it
> cause any trouble? I am reluctant to instal it from scratch as it would be a
> lot of hassle to install and configure everything form the beginning.
> Have anyone experienced such troubles?
> andy

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