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Default Re: Porting Question.

In message <>, Norman
>"Norman" wrote in message
>>I have just ported my old number from Virgin to 3 , the changeover happened
>>this morning. However, my Virgin sim still seems to be active. If I make a
>>call to my home phone using this sim, it shows up on the caller display
>>with my number which has ported. All incoming calls are going to the 3
>>phone as expected. Is there a period where the 2 sims will work at the same
>>time? I assumed the Virgin sim would die as soon as the switch to 3 was

>Looks like Virgin hadn't disconnected their sim, just had a text on my new
>phone saying they had transferred the number now. The Virgin sim is now

The porting process does seem to take a while to settle down on the day.

Good Luck with 3. Let us know how you get on.

dave @ stejonda

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