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Walker Moore
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Default Re: N95's Visual Radio

BGN wrote:
> On Sun, 6 Jan 2008 19:34:02 -0000, Jon
> wrote:
>>> If you're in range of a WiFi access point, why would you want to connect
>>> with GPRS?

>> Some content might be on your operators WAP portal rather than the
>> internet in which case a GPRS connection (and thus a private IP) would
>> be necessary.

> It does seem unlikely that my mobile operator would keep a cache of
> every visual radio station in the world.

Yep. It connects to a URL too. Not only that but after
paying/connecting with GPRS, it finds no Visual IDs for my local area.

No big deal because listening to the radio is what's important, but the
shoddy preparation of that piece of software just grates. WLAN should
be a valid access point option. It seems the N95's Visual Radio was
designed more with something like the N73 in mind (ie. no wifi).
Walker Moore

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