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Originally Posted by wvwcguy View Post

I used a program to search for other wifi networks around me and found a conflict with one other one using the same channel so I changed router channel to 4 - no other network is on that channel. Still slow.
Out of curiosity what program did you use and what OS?
If Netstumbler and Windows XP there are a couple of problems:-
1.Netstumbler does not show hidden SSID's so you might not have picked up all the AP's.
2.Some wireless cards do not show noise when using Netstumbler and can give a false impression of a good channel. One of my Ralink cards does this and also does it when I use SWScanner in Linux.

WiFi channels do overlap each other and there are considered to be only 3 non-overlapping channels,1 or 6 or 11, in the typical 11 channel system so if you saw a very strong signal on Ch6 but nothing showing on Ch4 you might still find
that Ch6 interferes with Ch4.
I live in a fairly densely populated, WiFi wise, area and had to check signal levels over a period of time and then had to make do with a channel which was 4 channels away from the 2 strongest signals.
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