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Will Kemp
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Default Re: Nokia N97 - thoughts?

On 07/08/2009 06:02 AM, Marts wrote:

> As for a physical keyboard being "obsolete", dunno if this is the case. The
> major smartphones still have them. I'd say that for serious business users who
> use them a lot for email, they'd be hard to get rid of.

I haven't used a phone with a physical qwerty keyboard, but they look
pretty crappy. I wrote a 700 word article using the virtual keyboard of
my 5800 and i found it quite acceptable. I touch type and i find with
practice i can type acceptably quickly on the virtual keyboard by using
the corners of the tips of my index fingers. It's got a good physical
feedback system and you can feel when you've hit a key - and you can
often also feel when you've made a typo.

> I'm waiting for Optus to introduce it into its range and to see what it will
> cost. It does 900/2100 megs UTMS so it'll be ideal for its "Yes G" network as
> well as its existing 2100 meg 3G.

That contributed to my decision to buy it. I considered the G2, but its
frequency coverage isn't much good.

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