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Default Monitor recommendations?

The last monitor I bought is my MAG CRT monitor. It still works great
but getting another computer. Obviously things have changed in the
last few years. Everything is widescreen LCD now. What are some
considerations when looking for a monitor? What shortcomings am I
going to find with an $99 boxmart 20" unit over something else? Which
specs are marketing gimmicks and which really count?

Someone advised I should look at 1920x1200, not 1920x1080 but they
didn't elaborate why. Any input on this?

One of my gripes about LCD's is that they don't look consistent when
viewed from different angles. You pretty much have to be dead center
in front of them to get optimal/even brightness.

Primary usage will be some video stuff - so some kind of accuracy of
the image would be great, might do a little gaming but I'm not a big
game player.

Obviously looking to get a good bang/buck ratio. Under $200 would be
nice. Might go higher if there's some feature that absolutely makes a
major difference. Not too proud to go used/Ebay.

Any recommendations both of models/brands to look at and to avoid?

Thanks for all input.

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