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"Rex" wrote in message
Paul wrote:

> The phone was and still is unlocked and is working fine on its O2 card
> which
> it has had for the last 14 months since I bought it "as new" off of eBay.
> It
> is/was a Vodafone phone and has the Vodafone case, but it just has this
> annoying message on the wallpaper, and has currently lost its menu buttons
> on the wallpaper screen, but is working ok with everything else.

I'm guessing your phone has the new 'user data preservation' feature, so
it didn't wipe your data before installing the update.
I'm not sure if locked phones have different firmware than off the shelf
ones- but you could try a hard reset (wipes the phone clean back to
factory defaults, back up your data before doing this) and reinstall the

For a hard reset, press *#7370# from the home screen, and enter the
password as 12345.

Found the setting to change for this, as I didn't fancy doing another hard
reset which I think would have put my software version back and then
required another updatre which would have put it back to the same state.

The setting was the standby theme, which was set to vodafone and setting it
to basic got rid of the message.

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