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Default Re: smslisto autorecharge

"Malcolm Loades" wrote in message news:bNdAAkDDqvtLFwNu@news.posting...
> Anyone got any tips on how to get this working again?
> It worked fine until a few months ago when smslisto wrote saying
>>Due to an update of our payment system we have to switch OFF the automatic recharge for your account.
>>This update will take place today, February 2 at 12.00 CET
>>After the update, you have to do a new payment by yourselves, during which you can RE-activate automatic recharge again.

> I did a new payment, selected auto recharge which was confirmed on the payment screen, but when the credit ran out it didn't
> recharge. I keep making payments and each time I opt for auto recharge and each time it's confirmed but never actually happens!
> Naturally I've e-mailed smslisto several times asking what the problem is and even more naturally (for them) they don't respond.
> If they weren't the lowest cost (or near to lowest) provider for my calling pattern I'd just give up. As it is I need to use them
> but keep getting moans from everyone when they can't make calls because of lack of credit.

As a matter of interest, how do you set up smslisto to auto-credit your account?
I didn't know you could, not that I would want to, I far prefer it to be genuinely
PAYG, I pay by Paypal by the way.

Consider allowing your credit to expire and moving to especially if you make calls to uk mobiles.



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