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Default Best Country For VPN

Canada, and Germany are good...
Panama was, but I believe they recently passed a law there allowing
the United States access to data stored there of US citizens...

So it may not be any better than Canada or Germany now...

After looking at the map on the below link it appears that Greece is
the best listed.

That is if you can see the map at all... I'm looking at it on 12 inch
screen, and can't see it well...[347]=x-347-559597

OK, now LISTEN TECH NEWS...Forget Canada they have to close of ties to
the USA...

And are practically in bed with them and as far as Germany is
concerned, there's hardly a place in Europe worth trusting too...

Here is about as good of a list as you are going to find...

This map is better, and more up to date...

I just wish it gave more information about why each state received the
ranking it did.

I've read this before, that doesn't really tell us much from a VPN

Judging from what I've seen and learned over the last 2 months...,

I'd take a bet that New Zealand and Iceland as probably two of the
better places to run a VPN from...


P.S. Something I just ran across...

Tech, computer repair specialist (on the side), part time Tech
Pro poster to Wilders Security...home base...On usenet to help noobs
Not me...

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