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Andrew Gabriel
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Default Re: [OT] SIP/VoIP and multiple SIP clients (phones)

In article <>,
Tim Watts writes:
> 'suse the OT, but there's a pretty good chance someone here will know:

There is a uk.telecom.voip, copied.

> Thinking of getting a VoIP service via my ISP (Andrews+Arnold) - and intend
> to keep my POTS line for emergencies.
> I have zero experience of VoIP... Can multiple VoIP clients be registered to
> the same account whereby all ring at once for an incoming call?

Yes, although the service provider could prevent this, or
simply not be able to handle multiple registrations for the
same user.

> I'm thinking a Siemens Gigaset A580(?) at home (that handles the POTS line
> too) *and* the Sipgate app on my and SWMBO's mobile phones.
> It would be truley awesome to have a mobile that can double as a house phone
> and take calls to "one true number" wherever I am, as long as I have 3G or
> WIFI access.
> A&A have a hunting feature where a faling call goes to a fallback number,
> but that's not really what I'm after.

A&A allow multiple separate destinations to be called in parallel, and
without actually registering if they have a fixed IP address.
However, I do it by bouncing one call through my own SIP server (SER)
to multiple destinations.

> And yes, I will also have a crappy dumb handset on the POTS line for when
> the power fails and takes out both my broadband and the cell tower, like it
> did a few months back.

Andrew Gabriel
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