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Default Re: Re: How connect Linksys Router Cat5 to wall internet coax?

In article , Frederick wrote:
>On Sat, 19 Nov 2011 11:47:13 -0500, John McGaw
>>On the other hand, if we are talking about a home setup then a coaxial
>>cable is more likely to be part of a cable TV installation. Is this cable
>>TV you are talking about? If so then an appropriate cable modem will be the
>>answer to the question. If you already have such a modem and it is
>>installed elsewhere then a CAT5 cable from the modem to the router is the
>>answer to your question.

>Yes indeed. I already have a cable TV installation, with what I
>thought was a wireless router, but I guess it is more correctly called
>a wireless modem. It is connected right now via coax to the wall
>coax. It has cat5 ports, which I connected to my desktop(s) with
>cat5, and also to my laptop via wireless.
>Now I am experimenting with this Linksys wireless-g. It has only cat5
>ports, one of which is labeled Internet. I immediately assumed I
>could connect it to my existing modem using cat5 cable, and then
>connect and communicate from it to my desktops or laptop. I just
>thought I could simply eliminate my modem, but guess not.
>You see, my modem only has two cat5 ports, which I use for my desktop
>and AIO network printer. I wanted to increase my cat5 connections,
>for another desktop or whatever. I can accomplish that by connecting
>the Linksys to the modem I guess.

By going into its internal settings and shutting off the wireless and gateway
functions of the Linksys you basically are turing it into a switch.

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