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Default Re: Disappointing upgrade: Sempron 2200+ --> Phenom II 4X 840

"DK" wrote in message news:je4rj6$bv0$
> In article , Paul wrote:
>>This CPU driver is for WinXP. I would expect Vista or Win7 to
>>already have this driver as a hidden built-in. It took a
>>number of steps on the AMD driver download page to find this.
>>It wasn't that easy.

> Thanks, Paul!
> I did install something called "CPU driver" off Asus DVD. Will go back
> and see what happens if I don't install it or install an updated version.
>> AMD Phenom II X4 840 3,735 (Passmark)
>> AMD Sempron 2200+ 336 (Passmark)
>>So according to that, the ratio is supposed to be 10x.
>>And for that to be true, the benchmark would have to
>>be able to run on multiple cores.

> Yeah, that's the numbers I was looking at when planning an update.
> Sounds like this is exactly what I would see if I get my 2.5-3X boost
> for a single core and multiply it by 3-4X. But then, at work
> I have Core i7 950 and its Passmark is value 6,365. I just tested
> DivX encoding on it using the same test as done for my Phenom
> home system. At home I was getting ~ 40 FPS (versus around 15 with
> the Sempron), while at work it is around 125 FPS - considerably
> more than what the 1.7X difference in Passmark scores would
> suggest.
> As the other reply points out, I guess I simply did not appreciate the
> fact that CPU clock frequency in modern processors seems to have hit
> a wall and that the main inroads into increasing computing speed is
> now in SMP scaling.
> I also haven't realized that Cool'n'Quiet can get in the way of things -
> will investigate this further. Does it work on a per core basis or does
> it look at the whole chip?

I was following this since I upgraded from an Athlon 64 x2 4800+ (2.5GHz) on an Asus M2NPV-VM MB (4GB RAM) to a Phenom
II x2 555 Black Edition (3.2 GHz) on a M4N68T-M V2 (4GB RAM). I have noticed quite a difference in speed, and when I
used the Asus unlocker to open two more cores, I noticed a real difference in most applications I use (some, no change
at all, but that's mostly older small-footprint apps that weren't too slow anyhow). Windows now has it listed as a
Phenom II x4 B55. In Device Manger, open each core and update the driver. Let it go to the MS site to get it. The link
that Paul provided points to a driver for XP SP2, and is dated 2009. I'm afraid that driver would be counterproductive
on a XP SP3 system with a processor manufactured after 2009. I may be wrong, but I got better results with the MS driver
(which I normally don't use for driver updates). The "CPU driver" on the MB DVD is nothing more than Cool 'n Quiet. If
you run the setup again, it will ask if you're sure you want to uninstall it? I left it on mine. I don't find that it
interferes with what I do.

My Passmarks are: B55 3,857 (left as a stock x2 555 = 1,993)
Athlon 64 4800+ 1,312
I have no way to scientifically prove it, but the system runs a lot faster than the 3-times difference in Passmark

I haven't done any DIVX editing, but I've done a few home movies and movie editing with Microsoft Movie Maker, and found
that processing and saving the movies is at least 5 or 6x faster than with my old MB/CPU combo. Movies that used to take
3/4 to an hour to process are now done in 5-10 minutes.
Part of your problem may be the onboard video. I found it to be clunky and slow, and I took my Nvidia GT 240 out of my
old system and use it with this one. Tremendous improvement in hard-core video-intensive games like Modern Warfare
(which was unplayable on the onboard 7025) , and in overall PC speed.

Some other things to look at are your RAM timing speeds, whether they're set up as ganged or unganged, etc. You can find
your current settings using CPU-Z and go from there.

Overall, I am very satisfied with this upgrade. Plus the fact that I got the MB, CPU and 4GB of G-Skill DDR3-1333 Ripjaw
RAM for $170 including shipping (Black Friday sale from Newegg).
SC Tom

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