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Richard B. Gilbert
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Default Re: International Problem

On 1/21/2012 12:24 PM, Janet Wilder wrote:
> I've been on this board many times discussing my using a Verizon global
> phone out of the country. I used it all over Europe and as lately as
> last June in Russia.
> I set it up with Verizon to use it in Argentina, Uruguay and Chile
> before leaving on a trip to Buenos Aires followed by a cruise around
> Cape Horn.
> Imagine my surprise when I reached Argentina and my phone would not
> work. I called them and learned that a quad-band phone is needed in
> Argentina and Chile bit the phone would work in Uruguay. It took me 2
> phone calls to get the answer. The second one was due to the hotel
> having the wrong number printed on the phone or VZW would have called me
> back.
> When I returned home, I called VZW wanting them to refund me for the
> toll calls from Argentina. Neither the rep nor I knew the current
> conversion rate from Argentinian Pesos, so he just gave me a $25 credit,
> which more than covers the calls.
> I'm not happy that whomever set up my phone and activated the SIM card
> didn't know that my phone wouldn't work, but I am pleased to report that
> VZW treated me as a valued customer, apologized and credited me the cost
> of calling them.
> If my next out-of-country trip is less than 3 weeks, I'm going to do the
> rental. I'm going to get an Incredible 2 which is global when my NE2
> comes up, but I'd be afraid of data charges.
> My next scheduled cruise is to Hawaii, so I'll be using my phone in the US

For your next trip, you might try asking your travel agent about what
kind of wireless phone service is available. I think that there are at
least three different and incompatible technologies used by various
cell-phone carriers!

If your travel agent doesn't know he should at least know how to find out!

It may be as long as five years before the carriers adopt new
technology. By the time they adopt the new technology, it will probably
be obsolete!!!!

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