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Default Re: International Problem wrote:
> On Mon, 23 Jan 2012 17:55:31 -0500, "Richard B. Gilbert"
> <> wrote:
>> On 1/21/2012 12:24 PM, Janet Wilder wrote:
>>> I've been on this board many times discussing my using a Verizon
>>> global phone out of the country. I used it all over Europe and as
>>> lately as
>>> last June in Russia.
>>> I set it up with Verizon to use it in Argentina, Uruguay and Chile
>>> before leaving on a trip to Buenos Aires followed by a cruise around
>>> Cape Horn.
>>> Imagine my surprise when I reached Argentina and my phone would not
>>> work. I called them and learned that a quad-band phone is needed in
>>> Argentina and Chile bit the phone would work in Uruguay. It took me
>>> 2 phone calls to get the answer. The second one was due to the hotel
>>> having the wrong number printed on the phone or VZW would have
>>> called me back.
>>> When I returned home, I called VZW wanting them to refund me for the
>>> toll calls from Argentina. Neither the rep nor I knew the current
>>> conversion rate from Argentinian Pesos, so he just gave me a $25
>>> credit, which more than covers the calls.
>>> I'm not happy that whomever set up my phone and activated the SIM
>>> card didn't know that my phone wouldn't work, but I am pleased to
>>> report that VZW treated me as a valued customer, apologized and
>>> credited me the cost of calling them.
>>> If my next out-of-country trip is less than 3 weeks, I'm going to
>>> do the rental. I'm going to get an Incredible 2 which is global
>>> when my NE2 comes up, but I'd be afraid of data charges.
>>> My next scheduled cruise is to Hawaii, so I'll be using my phone in
>>> the US

>> For your next trip, you might try asking your travel agent about what
>> kind of wireless phone service is available. I think that there are
>> at least three different and incompatible technologies used by
>> various cell-phone carriers!
>> If your travel agent doesn't know he should at least know how to
>> find out!
>> It may be as long as five years before the carriers adopt new
>> technology. By the time they adopt the new technology, it will
>> probably be obsolete!!!!

> My solution for itnernational phones is get a xcheap quad band GSM
> phone, like from Walmart for under $50 and get it unlocked. When you
> get where you are going, buy a prepaid SIM card with whatever
> features you want. If you need to have calls forwarded to you while
> traveling or even call the US there are people who can supply a SIM
> card for that as well and at relatively low cost.
> Is a travel agent someone who can use a computer to do exactly the
> same thing I can do from my computer without leaving the house?

No. It's everything you said, but there's a fee hidden in there too. :-)

New definition of Travel Agent = "Someone who can use a computer to do
exactly the same thing that you can do from your computer without leaving
your house, for people who don't know how to find your house". :-)

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