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Default Re: Cannot get Local Area Connection

Thanks for all the suggestions. I tried many of them but I finally just
bought this PM a NIC, installed it and right away had now also the desktop
connect to the Internet and Outlook Express.

Thanks to you all.

"DaveW" wrote in message
> The HP XP disk included your HP motherboard's network driver. When you
> switched to a retail version of XP it no longer included the proper driver
> for your network chip on the motherboard. You need to find a connection
> to HP's website and see if they have a downloadable version of the right
> network driver for your model of HP computer.
> --
> DaveW
> ----------------
> "Ritter197" wrote in message
> news:VJ26h.3983$l%2.1601@trnddc05...
>> Thanks for always being there trying to help.
>> I did what some of you suggested. I formatted the harddisk and installed
>> a MS original
>> Windows XP Pro on the HP desktop 4400+ dual core AMD. Instread of being
>> stuck with the overloaden Windows xp by HP..
>> It installed OK but before going any further I wanted to establish a
>> connection to the Internet and E-mail. but the new installlation did not
>> create a Local Area Connection and having tried the Wizard a number of
>> times
>> did also not create the Local Area Connection..But I now succeeded with a
>> Microsoft Local area connection called "Microsoft Loopback Adapter"
>> I am using a Westall6100 DSL modem and D-link wireless, both of which
>> work,
>> because I am sending you this message from the laptop.With those 2 pieces
>> of hardware.
>> I have called HP and Verizon but as usual, it is the other guy's fault
>> and
>> the help was useless.
>> In the device Manager it shows only the 1394 Connection, not a local
>> area
>> connection. But again. it does show the Microsoft Loopback Adapter.
>> How do I proceed from here?


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