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David H. Lipman
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Default Re: interesting traffic

From: "tiffini"

| Hi,

| I have noticed some interesting traffic coming from one of my pc's and then to one of
| my pc's.
| First a little background.
| I have a befsr41 router with snmp :-) So I can log traffic going into my little
| network using wallwatcher and opmanager.

| I have one XP machine I leave on a lot. I notice that it is sending UDP outbound from
| L-port 137 to R-port 137. Then in a relatively short amount of time I see an inbound
| request from a different IP to ports 1026 ,1027, and 1028 from a different IP that the
| 137 was sent from. I have norton's running, and ad aware and spybot don't show
| anything.
| The addresses seem to come from anywhere China, hong kong, even the US and Canada.

| Any Ideas of what this is:

As always, I suggest specifically blocking Both UDP and TCP ports 135 ~ 139 and 445 on *any*
SOHO Router.


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