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Default Re: Notebook Compaq Presario V6137 Cannot fill full screen

On Thu, 04 Jan 2007 04:55:02 GMT, "Ritter197"

>How more specific?

Reword what you wrote, being multiple times more descriptive
and perhaps proper terms. "Display does not fill the page"
makes no sense. The page might not fill the display but not
the other way around.

>I told you the name of the notebook.

So how much work did you expect us to do, digging up specs
that you should have available and could have provided?

>I gave you the OS.
>I said it fills 75% of the screen.
>WHAT are YOU missing?

My notebook doesn't have this problem, am _I_ missing
anything? You are missing a full description of the problem
and the hardware. Maybe its what Paul suggested, your old
laptop driver panned... or maybe not. Should we really
guess just so you dont have to make the extra effort to
provide full details of the problem YOU need help with?

If you just want an answer more appropriate to what you'd
written, yet similarly incomplete: Check your settings in
Display Properties and try a newer video driver.

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