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Old 03-07-2008, 12:24 AM
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Default iPhone apps coded in just two weeks

Phone Magazine already has commented on today's Apple event releaseing
the iPhone SDK.


The SDK will allow developers to produce software that taps into
pretty much every aspect of the iPhone - from the MultiTouch display,
through the graphics and audio, to the WiFi and cellular radio stacks
- and create apps with the same flexibility as Apple developers
themselves are permitted.

While the parade of companies taking to the stage - to discuss how
straightforward coding for the platform was, in just two weeks no less
- could be seen as typical Apple showmanship, the underlying message
is a sound one: with drag & drop GUI creation, automatic power
management and comprehensive debugging and monitoring tools, the
iPhone could actually be the easiest smartphone platform to develop

To test out the usability of its new SDK, Apple invited a couple of
games studios to try their hand with the platform for a couple of
weeks. EA's Travis Boatman showed up at the Roadmap event to
demonstrate their iPhone version of Spore, where the accelerometer
moves the spore around, while Apple themselves created a Wing
Commander-style game called Touch Fighter. Tilting the iPhone steers
while tapping the screen fires.

Sega also demonstrated a game called Super Monkey Ball, describing
the SDK as "flexible and powerful"; as our own Vincent described it,
think Wiimote on the iPhone. According to the Sega rep, the game
isn't a cut-down cellphone game but full, console standard.

AOL have also been using the SDK, though in their case they've created
the first official AIM client for the iPhone. Apparently the coder
behind it had never worked on OS X before, yet the app only took five
days to produce. User icons are present, as are multi-person chats;
swiping the screen side to side swaps between chat windows.

To illustrate how the iPhone could be implemented in more niche
settings, a medical app called ePOCRATES was demo'd; drug lookups,
compatibility with an existing SQL server and the ability to check for
drug interactions with existing medication have all been implemented
in less than two weeks of coding.


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