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Old 02-29-2008, 09:34 PM
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Default Try Freeware First! was Re: Guide-How to convert DVD and videos to ipod movie or ipod music

brandon2009 wrote in

> 'Get Joy Video to iPod Converter now'
> (http://www.mp3dvdsoft.com/ipod-video-converter.html) .

Before you guys shell out $35 to these spammers to watch movies on your
podphones, download Media Converter for free from the Linux hackers at
Maemo for the Nokia Internet tablets and give it a try. It's freeware,
but even iPhone owners, after a certain guilt period, can get
comfortable with it.

This app runs on Linux, Windows and OSX so you should find a flavor that
runs on your desktop environment just fine.

Designed for the N770, Nokia's first attempt at the Linux internet
tablet, its output has been modified to add N800 compatible sizes to the
770's Mpeg4 Divx formats I think your Ipod/phones will play. There are
many sizes of conversions available so you can experiment around to find
one that works best on your pod/phones.

The app is a JAVA cross platform app, so don't become alarmed when a
system window opens to run the JAVA Runtime environment when it boots.
It's GUI is quite simple and straight forward to operate. You can click
and drag videos into its processing list. It makes no modifications to
the original files, but creates new files that are much more compact, by
about 50%, which is why I'm using it with great success for my N800.
Full length movies in very acceptable quality (use the 2-pass encoding)
and only occupy about 350-410KB. With two 8GB SDHC cards, I can carry a
LOT of movie watching in the tablet without swapping cards, even with
Navicore's maps of the whole North American continent resident on them.
This would be great on iPhones with limited memory you can't swap, if
the movies will run.

Download it from the Maemo Garage:

Once installed try selecting N800 then pick "Medium" and it converts to
MP4 320 x 176 or "High" at 400 x 240, which is what I'm currently using
to get 400K full length movies. The N800 fills the 800 pixel screen
with mplayer and the picture quality looks first class at this level.
The ipod/phones should, too.

While in the garage, have a look around at what COULD have been if Apple
had let the genius coders have their way with an open source iPhone.
There are hundreds of projects ongoing of some really neat stuff, all
for the downloading. You don't have to know anything about Linux to use
most of it. Too bad they live in a closed environment world.

Try the converter and let me know how the movies look from it on the
ipods and phones....thanks.

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