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Old 04-27-2008, 06:26 PM
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Default =?windows-1252?Q?BlackBerry=92s_Quest=3A_Fend_Off_the_iPhone?=

BlackBerry’s Quest: Fend Off the iPhone
Story at link...

Phone Different comments on Rim...

Everybody loves sibling rivalry!

Outages Online CrackBerry.com's near-constant updates on Blackberry
outages not enough for you? Need the latest, greatest, up-to-date-est
news on RIM's downtime in near real-time? Well, apparently so does the
guy behind DataOutages.com. (Yes, we realize the domain name doesn't
explicitly convey that the site tracks RIM/Blackberry outages, but
it's with extra special schadenfreude we point out there really isn't
any other kind, b'okay?)

Amazon Pays People to Order Blackberries!

We knew the mindset was shifting to Apple, the cool kids were all
Cupertino-bound, the status simple was no longer cheap-plastic black
but aircraft-grade aluminum, but -- wow... According to
Crackberry.com, Amazon was actually paying people to take Blackberries
off their hands last week. You read right. $75 big reasons to stick
yourself with a tiny screen, tic-tactile keyboard, and all the outages
you can eat.


Scenta reports that RIM may be stalling their 3G Blackberry because of
the impending release of the 3G iPhone. Though Fortune suggests that
it is a technical glitch that is causing the delay, some rumor mongers
are assuming that RIM is holding out on releasing the 3G Blackberry
dubbed the 9000..er..8900.er.."Meteor" because it's afraid of
competing head-to-head with Apple's next iPhone. Admittedly, this
rumor could just be analysts stirring news against RIM, but it goes to
show how far Apple has come in becoming a player in the cell phone
market. And if there is some truth to this speculation, its another
knock on RIM and the rest of the smartphone industry. Innovating has
never been their strong suit, copying innovation, well that's another


Apple has inked a deal to bring the iPhone and new preferred iPhone
data rates to Canada's Rogers network, right in Rim's own backyard.
Poor Rim it gets no special lovin even from their own countries
cellular network.

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Old 04-27-2008, 10:18 PM
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Default Re: BlackBerry’s Quest: Fend Off the iPhone

4phun wrote in news:3221519a-ea3c-4846-bbf3-

> BlackBerry's Quest: Fend Off the iPhone
> Story at link...
> http://www.nytimes.com/2008/04/27/technology/27rim.html
> Phone Different comments on Rim...

Er, ah, vic?.......

"Mac news from outside the reality distortion field"

Note the upper right corner of the picture how much WIDER the RIM (black)
bar is than the Apple (purple). Then, notice how Symbian sales just dwarfs
ALL of them about like a Boeing 747 dwarfs a model airplane sitting on the
runway. Hell, I couldn't even see the Iphone until I got my glasses on!

Their comment about the "reality distortion field" is PRICELESS.....(c;

I bet Nokia is scared to death!

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