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Old 05-22-2009, 01:26 PM
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Default Dirt Devil Handheld Spot Scrubber

List Price:$49.99
Image: http://bestdeallocator.info/image.php?id=B000QE7KFI
Best price found: http://bestdeallocator.info/index.php?id=B000QE7KFI

I got this thing to clean spots in a rug and my car. Don't get it! The reason I picked this one was because it has the "power reach"-- which is only about 9 inches away from the bulky body. If you want to clean your car, you have to hold it at awkward angles and get everything dripped on, or set it down on your clean seat and get the mess from the front scrubber on your seat! I am so frustrated with it. It's difficult to get clean, the suction sucks-- the opening front portion is simply too large to have any legitimate vacuum, and the "reach"er is a thin strip that hardly has any pull at all. If you want a wet vac, just buy/rent a real one. What I will do next to clean my car upholstery: Spray bottle, maybe soap, paper towel to soak it up!
This is the second Dirt Devil machine I've recently purchased with which I'm extremely dissatisfied. This machine is the worst. First, it is unbelievably loud. It is so loud, it literally hurts my ears when I use it. As if that wasn't bad enough, when the machine is on the scrubber setting, liquid sprays out of the vents. So you can imagine how disgusting that is when I'm cleaning up some animal mess and it is then sprayed out all over me. It is horrific. It is also big, heavy and awkward, so it does not get near walls or in tight spots. This machine is a terrible design and I'd give it negative stars if I could. I finally just threw it away after just using it a few times. Really the worst. I can't even say which is worse, the loudness of it or the spray back. Both are just awful. Don't do it. Mine is in the trash. Dirt Devil really must test it's products better.
I bought this to use on a couple of cat created nasty spots on area rugs. IT DID NOTHING!!! Though I carefully followed the directions, this machine neither cleaned, extracted, nor did anything the booklet said it would--the spots are just as nasty--the cleaner just added to the horridness by spraying out liquid which was not picked up as promised, and I am SO disappointed.Do not, I repeat, do not buy!!!!!
I just purchased this at a local retail store. I was really excited to get it home and start cleaning the furniture. First of all, it's SUPER loud, it was leaking water and cleaning solution all over me (yes, I did follow the instructions and had everything put together correctly) and then no matter how much liquid I sprayed onto the couch, it didn't pick any up-I tried tilting it up for better suction, etc. No good. I'm returning it. Oh, by the way, when I opened it up at home, I assumed someone else had tried it and returned it as well since the tank was a bit wet inside and the included cleaning solution was opened. I thought it was a good deal as it was much less expensive than most other handheld cleaners, but it's not worth the lower price.
Works well on set-in stains and is easy to use. The tank takes forever to dry. I didn't use the soap that came with it but it cleaned several areas very nicely. It has decent suction action but doesn't even remove half of the liquid I dispensed to clean the rug. I'm happy with it. Just don't walk on the wet areas.
Hand Held Spot Scrubber

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