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Old 05-22-2009, 05:29 AM
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Default Honeywell 50100 Enviracaire Air Purifier

Image: http://megadiscountfinder.info/image.php?id=B00008OOYZ
Best deal: http://megadiscountfinder.info/index.php?id=B00008OOYZ

Great air filter that produces a noticeable difference in air quality. I lived in an older apartment and developed allergic reactions to dust/mold in the building. After trying allergy medications with no results, I opted for this air filter. Within the first day of running it, my sneezing stopped completely.
It doesn't explicitly state it in the product description, but the Air Purifier comes with a permanent HEPA filter and one pre-filter. The pre-filter is supposed to be changed every three months and the HEPA filter is supposed to be vacuum cleaned every six months. The pre-filters cost between $10 and $15. I've only had it running for several says and the pre-filter is already covered with dust, so it's really doing what it's supposed to be doing. What's more is that the air is so clean and crisp. The instructions say that you should run the air purifier 24 hours a day, but I think that's a huge waste of energy and only run it when I'm in the room, which seems to work just fine. It does make a lot of noise, but it's white noise, like a window air conditioner or a box fan. I almost didn't buy it because of I was afraid the noise would keep me up at night, but was pleasantly surprised that the white noise helps me sleep more soundly through the night.
I own two of these air filters and I love them. These air filters do an excellent job of cleaning the air in relatively short order and I keep these air filters in the bedrooms for clean air sleeping. I recently moved into a older house that has dirty HVAC ducting and while I am slowly cleaning those ducts out I needed a temporary fix. Additionally, I own a dog that sheds a lot and I have a child with severe allergies. Additionally, I am also an allergy sufferer (mold and cats). After doing extensive research on air filters, I decided to go with this Honeywell 50100 HEPA filter. There are a couple of reasons for decision. 1) The overall cost of this filter is the lowest (unit + replacement filters) I found at the time. I bought the unit for around $80. The average HEPA filter replacement is around $20. 2) The second reason I bought this unit is that I like noise. This is not one of those whisper quiet HEPA filters and that is OK by me. I am a big fan of white noise (after all I have two kids that like to get up early and make noise). This unit on its lowest setting is fairly quiet. However, the medium setting is loud and the high setting sounds like a jet passing overhead. Most of the time I have the unit set on medium. This is loud enough to drown out the garbage man picking up trash at 4 am. I have been happy with Honeywell products in the past and this is no exception. I also own a larger Honeywell HEPA filter that uses the same filter type as these units so I buy them in bulk. These filters also use a prefilter that goes around the outside of the HEPA filter. Using this filter extends the life of the HEPA filter tremendously. I vacuum the prefilter every couple of months or so. I recommend this filter to anyone who appreciates a well made decently priced HEPA filtration unit and doesn't mind a bit of noise.
Envirocare Air Purifier


Honeywell 38002 Enviracare Universal Replacement Pre-Filter:http://megadiscountfinder.info/index.php?id=B000050H5N
Honeywell 50250 99.97% Pure HEPA Round Air Purifier:http://megadiscountfinder.info/index.php?id=B00007E7RY
Honeywell HFR-11 Pure HEPA Permanent Replacement Filter:http://megadiscountfinder.info/index.php?id=B0002KV9RG
Replacement Activated Carbon Pre-Filter for Quietcare/Enviracaire Air Cleaners:http://megadiscountfinder.info/index.php?id=B001FNLWZ8
Honeywell HHT-011 Tabletop Air Purifier with Permanent HEPA Filter:http://megadiscountfinder.info/index.php?id=B000N9CPQK


Honeywell 38002 Enviracare Universal Replacement Pre-Filter:http://megadiscountfinder.info/index.php?id=B000050H5N
Honeywell HFR-11 Pure HEPA Permanent Replacement Filter:http://megadiscountfinder.info/index.php?id=B0002KV9RG

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