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Old 05-02-2008, 12:41 AM
Chief Yellow Water
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Default Millenicom service

I've used millenicom for about 4 months now and my experience with
them is completely horrible. They shipped me a defective adapter that
NEVER installed correctly and NEVER worked correctly. The owner of
the company is apparently their chief troubleshooter. He subscribes
to the "every business is entitled to have one flaming ******* work
for them and he's Millenicom's one flaming *******. After paying
millenicom $250 for a stolen adapter, I believd that I was entitled to
perhaps a bit of consideration with the replacement they sent me.
BTW, you cannot buy the adapter they use outright. You only get to
buy it if you lose the one they send you and then, they ream you a new
one paying for it to get a replacement.

I would NEVER EVER again use millenicom for anything. Their service
mostly sucks and the ONLY real reason to even consider them is price.
However, like most things, their seemingly advantageous price is
nothing but an illusion that will vanish quickly once you begin doing
business with them.

I would advise anyone to NEVER, EVER do business with millenicom. If
you do, do so at your own peril. They are NOT what they appear to be
and you will extremely quickly become disenfranchised with them. They
have zero "customer service" and what they do have is run by one of
the biggest *******s that I've ever had the unfortunate opportunity to
be forced to deal with. Fortunately, I'm a lawyer so I KNOW EXACTLY
how to resolve the problems that I've experienced with millenicom.
Doesn't cost me anything to litigate in court for years (other than
filing fees, of course), if I have to, lol. I'm confident enough of
my litigation talents to predict that my pending litigation with
millenicom will probably be the single most expensive lawsuit that
they're ever likely to experience. Since millenicom is an Oregon
based company and I'm a resident of California, we have something
known as Diversity of Jurisdiction here which means that the lawsuit
has to be filed and litigated in FEDERAL COURT, which means that it's
automatically going to be at least 5 times as costly for the
defendants as it would be in a state court. Gee, that makes me feel
ever sooooooo bad, lol.

Here's an example of how millenicom treats their customers. When I
originally ordered my adapter/service, I asked them to send it to me
overnight, at extra cost of course. The adapter package is white
plastic and it's the size of a VHS video case and it weighs maybe 5
ounces. They charged me $35.00 to ship it from Portland, OR to Los
Angeles, CA. Not a big deal I knew it would be expensive and I was
willing to pay the charge. The rate they charged me was the UPS
Overnight rate and they told me it would come UPS. Imagine my
surprise when one of my friends called me the next day and told me
that the postman was looking for me because he had a package to
deliver to me. The geniuses at millenicom had sent the package not
only by the wrong carrier, but had screwed up the ship-to address as
well. I spent about two hours running all over LA, trying to chase
down my mail carrier so I could pickup my adapter from the imbeciles
at millenicom.

Yea, go ahead, do business with these idiots, you'll love them like I

The ONLY "advantage" of dealing with millenicom is PRICE and that
"advantage" will disappear instantly the first time you're 22 miles
south of BighunkofGREENbumsnot, Wyoming and you run into some problem
that the antelope can't solve for you and you realize that your ONLY
HOPE of help is millenicom "customer service." Best of luck, Scooter,
you're going to seriously need it dealing with the imbeciles at

Reconsider doing business with millenicom and use ANYONE else, do
yourself a huge favor.

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