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Old 02-18-2010, 02:11 PM
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Default Cascading Routers - Variation on a Theme


Newbie to this forum so be gentle with me

I'm not a networking expert either - did some courses 10 years ago and pottered about with my home network ever since, but don't assume a vast amount of knowledge on my part.

Finally, I'm UK-based. Not sure if it makes a difference, but just so you know...

Anyway, here's what I'm trying to achieve with my SOHO network (sorry it's a zipped attachment - couldn't figure out how to insert an image from the office I'm in and the doc file was too big to upload):

SOHO Network.zip

Starting points:
1) The router/modem, internet connection and Wireless Network 1 all work fine, so I won't need to touch those.

2) All hardware is running the most up to date firmware from Linksys (I don't know what the difference is between v6 and v7 of the WRT54GS but they do have different firmware release numbers)

3) Wireless Network 2 works fine (apart from some irregular issues which I think are caused by Vista ) EXCEPT for the network storage (see below)

4) All router functions on the v6 router (the one I am trying to use as a bridge) are disabled (so far as I can disable them) ie. firewall functionality, DHCP, port forwarding etc.

5) Firewalls are running on the router/modem, v7 router and on all computers

6) All computers are Windows machines (one XP, the rest various flavours of Vista)

The problems:
1) I cannot get the two WRT54s to connect wirelessly to each other with any stability. When I cable them together (LAN port to LAN port) they are fine and I can set up the wireless link. When I remove the cable, the link remains for an aparrently random length of time (minutes not hours) then drops out and will not re-establish. So far as I am aware, all wireless settings on the two routers (including the WPA2 key) are the same and correct.

2) Am I correct in thinking that the routers should be on different wireless channels? Currently I am using ch5 and 11 (can't remember which way round) - should I change these?

3) The network stroage/printserver is a 2Tb Freecom Data Tank unit that has a load of server/router capabilty. This will all be switched off except the print server (for now anyway, I may use some of the functionality in the future). How do I ensure that both Wirlesss Net 1 and Wireless Net 2 computers can see the tank and its attached printers? This unit was originally configured (and worked) directly through the modem/router and was only used by Network 1. Currently, nothing is seeing this drive but I haven't yet re-configured it to its new world so I am optimistic that I can sort this out quite easily.

4) Currently all computers on both networks (there's actually only 1 on Net 1 at the moment) are set to the same subnet mask ( Is this correct? I also want all computers on both networks to be able to see each other and access the various visible areas of each machine.

5) Is there any advantage/disadvantage to having all the clients on static IP addresses?

I have had a good look through this (and other) forums before posting, but couldn't quite find the answers I am looking for. Really like Mark Oney's how to's though; a big thumbs up and thanks to him for producing such clear, easy-to-read stuff.

Finally, my apologies for the length of this posting (especially for a 1st one!) but I wanted to try to give as much information as possible. Happy to answer any further questions.


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