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Old 02-06-2007, 03:36 AM
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Default Probelms with D-Link DIR-635 Router

I have a D-Link "N" DIR-635 router in my apartment and there is a guy living right across the street that I want to share my internet with so I bought him a D-Link DWA-142 USB "N" USB Adaptor. I also bought TWO amplified antennas to boost the range and the signal STILL can't make it across the street. D-Link tech support is USELESS, those people know less than I do about their own products. Even when I called them I kept having to correct their own mis-information that they were giving me about their product.

I found this review on NewEgg.com that made me wonder if I should have bought a different USB adapter, but then I thought "Naw, D-Link can't possible make an adapter that's not compatible with their OWN router." But it seems that they have. Here is the post from NewEgg:

This router uses Marvell chipset. Dlink neglects to mention on any page of their website, that this adapter uses the Marvell chipset. I bought this along with the Dlink DIR-635 802.11n router. The router uses Atheros XSPAN chipset. When buying 802.11n devices at this point, it is VERY important for you to buy the same chipset for both your router and adapter. I am very displeased with Dlink and I am looking into returning the router. Unfortunately it appears that Marvell is the only company that makes a chipset for a usb 802.11n adapter. So I'm returning the router and buying the Netgear one that uses the Marvell chipset.
Any thoughts from anyone?


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Old 02-10-2007, 05:21 PM
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Hello? Anyone there?
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Old 02-13-2007, 07:42 PM
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I don't quite understand your issue, however, the range of wireless signals can be limited by both the transmitting antenna and the recieving antenna. If you seem to have range problems try Netstumbler (link below). Its a free program, install it on a laptop and walk around, it will tell you what signals are available and the strength of them. See how far your signal is indeed going.

As for the 802.11n stuff, this technology is still in it's early childhood (not quite infancy anymore). My understanding is that its not really speed, it just appears faster because of compression algorithms. Thats neither here nor there though (maybe someone can clarify that for us both) what i do know is that the technology is not very vendor independant as yet. That is to say company X's 802.11n card may not read company Y's 802.11n signal.

On the plus side, generally, wireless routers have an option to turn off the 802.11n mode and run only in the unisversally supported good ol' 802.11G/B.

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Old 05-03-2010, 05:18 PM
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Default Antenna

What you need is to buy a uni-directional antena an point it at where you want to broad cast the signal, the uni-directional antena will broadcast un a 60 degree angle, unlike the omnidirectional ones which you have in your router which broadcast in 360 degrees but less power, so a uni-directional antenna of about 9dB will do the job about 600ft at least in the way you point it at. this antennas come with the usb plug or the antenna plug u have behind your router.
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