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Old 02-18-2010, 12:02 AM
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Default Wifi Issues

40'x120' one storey office building has 3 Wifi Access Points evenly spaced. Surrounding area (not in building) per Network Stumbler has 12 additional Wifi signals.

Call These: (measured from WAP1 using Laptop and NetworkStumbler)
WAP1 CHN 6 30/70
WAP2 CHN 4 85/10
WAP3 CHN 11 intermittant signal

Laptop within 4' of WAP1 with great signal then it looses connection.

Having problems determining if there is intereference or if there is a hardware failure mostly because I don't follow what the graph in Netstumbler is supposed to be representing.

Laptop WLAN connection drops itermittently to WAP1

a) Restarting Laptop and or WAP1 sometimes clears up the situation for a while (suspect coincidental)

b) viewing Netstumbler over time shows -30/-100 (sig/noise) for a 70 SNR then -100/0 intermittently SNR -100

c) ping -t google.com is intermittent during these periods

d) physically moving to WAP2 while still connected to WAP1 and this intermittent signal goes away.

e) At position WAP1 laptop connects to WAP2 with no problems.

Assumming interference around WAP1 then why would moving the laptop to location WAP2 not be affected to WAP1? Or be able to connect to WAP2 without moving.

Assumming issues with WAP1 Hw/Sw and or Laptop Hw/Sw then why would moving to location WAP2 still work?

A spectrum analyser normally represents a noise floor moving up from the bottom of the screen so not following these full scale noise readings with Netstumbler yet these swings do coincide with loss of internet/ping connection.

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this issue further.

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Old 02-18-2010, 01:03 AM
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Moved laptop to a location in the middle of all 3 local WAP's:

a) Connections to each was around 70/100 or about 30 SNR

b) Netstumbler provided a clean graph over 5 minutes with one caveate ... this was only true for the WAP currently connected. The graphs for the other 2 were not clean.

So perhaps my expectations that Netstumbler would be accurate on all 15 WAP's at the same time is flawed?

My gut instinct now is that the Laptop Radio is probably causing me the greif ... My suspision is that there is interference around WAP1 but it is only effecting the Laptop receiver ... by moving to another location all connections appear to be fine.
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