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Gordon Henderson 03-09-2012 03:09 PM

Re: What is up with Sipgate?
In article <2d5kl79uk04vmmmsq53vo64d1lvpnds3s1@4ax.com>,
Anthony R. Gold wrote:
>Does anyone understand Sipgate? Who are they and are they commercially
>stable? I have been using the UK service with great success but I am most
>concerned at whether they are viable and stable. They started to operate in
>the USA http://www.sipgate.com/ but then put up messages about increased
>registrations in the last few weeks and of new number "very soon". Those
>message must be around a year old by now.
>Does anyone have any insights directly or via contacts or other reports into
>their viability and/or stability in Eu or elsewhere?
>To be clear, I love their service but will be badly messed up if my Sipgate
>DID stopped working.

I can't say anything about Sipgate other than that I've used them since I
first got interested in VoIP 5+ years ago and they keep on going...

I think the answer to your first question is: "A couple of blokes in Germany".

However their upstream in the UK is (or was, I presume still is) Magrathea
and I know from talking to them that should one of their resellers go
"phut" for whatever reason then a good effort would be made to keep their
customers happy - by seeing if another one of their resellers would take
over their customers - I also resell VoIP from Magrathea... Part of my own
"get run over by a bus" plan involves another Magrathea reseller to take
my stuff over...

So (without really knowing anything about Sipgate), I'd be reasonably
confident that things aren't going to change - at least not in the UK -
for a while.


Gordon Henderson 03-27-2012 12:49 PM

Re: What is up with Sipgate?
In article <9td7ccFkdoU1@mid.individual.net>,
Ria Elaine wrote:

>They seem to be remarkably stable these days, given their early history.
>I'm certainly happy with them; where else can you get UK numbers
>completely free..?

UKDDI - Hm. seems to now be: http://www.3c.co.uk/


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