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Old 12-24-2006, 10:51 PM
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Default Belkin54g Wireless Problems

I have an older 54g Belkin router model. Lately the wireless radio function has been acting up.

The WAN light is constantly blinking (never really caught my eye but i don't think it has always done this, I'm 99% sure it was a solid green instead of blinking at one point.)
and the wireless radio is periodically failing.
Fearing some sort of interference i have changed the channel on the router a few times and i don't see a correlation of the wireless failure and another household appliance (ie: the cordless phone on same freq. or the microwave etc.) Once the wireless fails it doesn't work again until i manually restart the router. The desktop hardwired to the router never has problems and works even when the wireless function fails. Now the connection to the router is still active and i can release and renew the dhcp ip, but for some reason there is a problem with the router transferring packets to my computer (wirelessly) after a certain period, which is never the same length of time.

Is it just a faulty radio function that took a lightning strike? or is this a configuration problem??? Lost here and im tired of giving the router a restart 3 times a day because the wireless funtion decides to stop responding, or sending out packets of info for that matter.
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Old 01-12-2007, 12:47 PM
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I had a Belkin56g and started to encounter problems for no reason what so ever. I took the view that i should update the firmware (available on their site) as they will always argue that you should be on the latest version.
This did resolve the problem for me but futher updates later in the year introduced more problems. It ended up with me having to restart the router on a fairly frequent basis which was fine for a while. Being a game player though it became totally unacceptable so i dropped it when i moved house. Now with BT one of theirs. Try a firmware upgrade is my advice.

Not sure if its the same but worth a go
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