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Old 06-04-2011, 03:21 PM
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Default DHCP Not Working off AP

Ok, for starters here is the setup
2Wire Modem / Router
Engenius 2611 Units for both AP and Bridge

Main Office
2wire router in main office - setup with DHCP starting at, netmask of and gateway of 2611 is an AP ethernet connected to 2wire router and with static IP of with netmask of and no gateway entered

Remote Location
2611 as an AP connected via Cat5 (and POEs of course) to 2611 Bridge pointing toward 2611 at Main Office. Both have dedicated IPs of .6 and .7 with subnet but no gateway numbers

Connection through the remote AP works great IF the user puts in a dedicated IP but will not let them on if they are setup with DHCP - error says "Obtaining IP Address" and never does Which is, of course, the reason for this email and the hope that you can solve this so that users do not have to put in an IP static on their computers to gain access

Thanks so much for any and all help
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Old 07-01-2011, 12:56 AM
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Default DHCP not working off of Engenius 2611

I have a similiar problem. My campground network consists of a Engenius 1650 connected to main modem/router and this sends a signal about 1000 feet to another 1650 acting as a client bridge and this is connected to a 2611P as a AP and also connected to another part of the campground to a CB and again off to a AP. I had connected a Linksys WRT54G flashed with DD-WRT after the 2nd 1650 which allowed me to monitor traffic in the network.

Unless I programmed into the router a static IP, it would never get a DHCP address and not work. Most of the computer connections worked except for some PC's and mostly all Apple Powerbooks and mostly and some Apple Iphones.

My personal PC took a very long time to gain a DHCP IP address but it did do it eventually after the timeout. I can assign my campground users a static IP address but most have no idea how to enter it.

Whatever it is, we are not alone. It seems like this is some sort of a bug in these AP units.

D. Davis on Amazon posted:

Problem passing DHCP to Linksys Routers, May 19, 2011
By D. davisThis review is from: Wap/cb Long Range Outdoor Wireless Dual-polarization (Electronics)
We have a large wifi network and have IT certs and experience with wifi. When you configure this as a client bridge and put a linksys (or d-link, netgear, etc.) router behind these the Engenius unit refuses to pass DHCP to the linksys router nor let the linksys router on to the internet (even if you give the linksys a static IP). Engenius tech support just keeps saying "it should just work" but it does not. Strange thing is a PC works just fine, it's only the routers that don't get out on to the internet. We are very frustrated and will be changing vendors unless we can get the Engenius to act as a router or get a solution from their tech support. It's currently not working in client bridge mode.

Jon Baum
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Old 07-01-2011, 06:49 AM
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Default non voice projects

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Old 07-29-2011, 12:33 PM
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Default DHCP problem solved in bridgemode

hello Guys who are having the same DHCP problem as me in bridgemode

i have the solution

exept i have a 2610 and i don't know if it works on a 2611

i used an early firmware i found on the internet that worked for me

search for EOC-2610-engenius-1.0.37.rar in google and you will find

firmwares at website alcadis (they also have the 2611 firmwares is see now)

because i have the 2610 from the beginning it worked fine
until i updated the firmware and it did'nt

hope the engenius engineers will update the firmware quick

with the specs of the early one


Michel Frenken
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Old 07-29-2011, 03:26 PM
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This is particularly the problem when the device is not able to detect the IP automatically. There can be a number of issues. One common problem is using of the same system on different internet connections. Please check if there exists an IP conflict because that can create such problem. Secondly, if more than one people are using different internet connections simultaneously (usually of the same internet service), this problem can occur then too.
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access point, bridge, dhcp, engenius, wifi

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